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Johannesburg, South Africa (CNN) Nelson Mandela’s 93rd birthday recently made many people reflect on what the former South African president meant to them. It cannot be overstated just how important Mandela’s leadership was in steering South Africa away from civil war and into a democracy.

His particular style of leadership was fuelled by an innate inner strength, a deep sense of self-confidence and years of patience honed in an apartheid jail.

The characteristics that define Mandela, who was the right leader at the right time, ­provide clues for all of us on how to manage conflict, deal with enemies and play the long game.

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  1. It is a great article! Mandela embraces most of the characteristics that we’ve learned in Side-by-side Leadership. He is a great conflict negotiator; he listens to both sides and only then speaks his mind. Two-way commuication!

  2. Marvelous!, after 27years in jail he emerged to become the President of South Africa. He sat on the same table with the very people who jailed him to dine. No revenge- but formed a reconciliation team to heal the wounds: team work! a leader to admire.

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